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Kettlebell sport and weightlifting leather belt

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Real leather belt for kettlebell sport and weightlifting. 10mm thickness, sturdy and resistant with innovative asymmetrical shape.

The first belt designed in Italy/Europe for those who practice kettlebell sport and cross-training. In buffalo leather, it ensures excellent protection for the back and a solid elbow support in rack position.

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Useful information

The length of the part that supports the lumbar area (high 12cm) is designed so that, as the sizes vary, the protective effect on the back remains constant. The asymmetrical cutting of the upper and lower edges is specially made to facilitate, on the one hand, the support of the elbows and, on the other hand, not to hinder the movements of the pelvis.

The 10mm thickness, more than double/triple the classic weightlifting belts on the market, facilitates elbow support in rack position and helps maintain a more stable rack position. The rounded edges and, in particular, their particular angle, are designed to maximize comfort and reduce the slipping of the elbows towards the outside.

The buffalo leather makes this belt much more resistant than the usual cowhide belts commonly found on the market, ensuring excellent performance even in snatch, jerk and squat workouts with barbell. Try it in training and it will become an irreplaceable accessory for your sporting practice, helping to make it more effective and full of satisfactions.

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Technical features

Maximum height: 12cm
Minimum height: 6cm
Thickness: 10mm
Material: buffalo leather
Color: Black, Brown / Black

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