Kettlebell sport belt LionLift 2

The LionLift 2 kettlebell lifting belt is designed to ensure a comfortable and secure rack position. Prevent elbow slippage and enhance your jerk and long cycle. Maintain proper postural alignment and push your limits like never before.

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Enhanced Joint Support and Strength

The LionLift 2 Kettlebell Sport Belt from Kettleblaze is a top-notch accessory that ensures constant support for your elbow joints, empowering you to exert more force and generate superior power during kettlebell swings. Its unique contour molds perfectly to your body, delivering enhanced performance.

Optimal Postural Stability in the Rack Descent Phase

Especially during the rack descent phase, as you bring the kettlebell close to your chest and relax your arms and upper body muscles, the LionLift 2 becomes incredibly useful. It helps maintain proper posture, providing unwavering support to your back and spine.

Protection and Alignment for Seamless Workouts

Rest assured of maximum safety during your weightlifting exercises with this belt. Moreover, its ergonomic design ensures proper biomechanical alignment, guaranteeing a seamless workout experience in training and competitions.

Unyielding and Durable Belt Construction

Engineered with a thickness surpassing 12mm, the LionLift 2 Kettlebell Sport Belt stands as one of the sturdiest and most resilient belts available. Its robust structure ensures prolonged durability and consistent performance over time, significantly reducing the risk of injuries during your workout sessions.

Peak Performance and Unrivaled Comfort with Genuine Cowhide Leather

Made with three primary layers, and an extra one, this belt features authentic cowhide leather, offering increased resistance to wear and tear, all while delivering unparalleled comfort during your training sessions. The quality materials used guarantee outstanding performance, even during the most demanding conditions.

Customized Comfort and Protection for Every Athlete

Irrespective of your body morphology, the LionLift 2 Kettlebell Sport Belt by Kettleblaze caters to your unique needs. With its specific contour and ergonomic structure, this belt provides superior comfort and optimal protection throughout your kettlebell training.

Technical Specifications

Standing tall at a maximum height of 12cm and dipping down to a minimum height of 6cm, the LionLift 2 Belt boasts a thickness of 12mm at its core. Towards the end of the tip, the thickness decreases to 9mm to improve the closure and enhance comfort. The roller buckle, complemented by two sleek brass loops, ensures a secure fit.

How to Measure Waist Size

The LionLift 2 is a belt designed for those who practice kettlebell lifting and, as such, has different sizes compared to weightlifting belts.

Method 1

To measure your waist size, you need to position your elbows in a rack position and measure the circumference of your waist just below their resting point with your abdomen fully relaxed.

Method 2

If you already own a belt, even one not specifically for kettlebell lifting, you can measure the length from the beginning of the buckle (included) to the hole where you usually fasten it. This measurement is similar to your waist size in rack position.

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SizeWaist Size (cm)
MaterialsLeather (cowhide), Brass
ThicknessApprox. 13mm
Tip ThicknessApprox. 9mm
Maximum Height12cm
Minimum Height6cm
Symmetry (top/bottom)Yes
Usable HolesAll
Distance Between Holes< 1 size
Leather Layers3 + 1 suede
LogoEmbroidered Patch
EdgesDouble Polishing
Available SizesXS, S, SM, M, L, XL
Package DimensionsApprox. 38x28x14cm

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