Modular Kettlebell 12kg-32kg FlexiBell 2

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Kettleblaze FlexiBell 2: the game changer of modular competition kettlebells. Unmatched comfort, balance, and quality.

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Premium Quality, Endless Durability

The FlexiBell 2 kettlebell from Kettleblaze sets the standard for premium quality among its competitors. This modular kettlebell features 100% outer steel, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance. Its loading system allows for quick and flawless weight plate insertion, maintaining smooth training movements. The unpainted grip offers a secure hold even during intense workouts.

Supreme Comfort and Balance

Experience extraordinary comfort and impeccable balance with the standout FlexiBell 2 kettlebell. Its ergonomic design and high-quality finishes ensure a snug fit in your hand, providing a comfortable and secure grip during exercises. The optimized weight distribution ensures ideal balance, enabling controlled movements with unparalleled stability and control.

Endless Exercise Options

The FlexiBell 2 kettlebell’s modularity offers limitless exercise possibilities. Customize the weight load to suit your training needs and goals. This adjustable kettlebell empowers you with cardiovascular movements, strength exercises, and circuit workouts. Embrace the flexibility it offers to unlock new challenges and maximize your performance.

Take Charge of Your Training

Elevate your training with the modular FlexiBell 2 kettlebell from Kettleblaze. With its premium quality, unmatched comfort, unpainted grip, and versatile exercise options, the FlexiBell 2 delivers an exceptional training experience. Take control of your fitness journey and push your limits with the FlexiBell 2 kettlebell.

Technical Specifications

Each modular kettlebell weighs 32kg at full load. The package includes weight plates: 3 units of 2kg, 2 units of 3kg, and 2 units of 4kg, allowing customizable weight configurations. To adjust the weight, simply use the provided hex key to remove the kettlebell base, revealing the internal loading system. The removable internal bolt, accessible with the second key provided, securely holds the weight plates in place. Whether partially loaded or at full load, this kettlebell boasts exceptional balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product you sell really the same as KettlebellKings?

Absolutely yes, in every way. Our FlexiBell is produced by the same supplier and has the same quality.

Because we have established relationships with KettlebellKings' supplier and because, being a small company, we have lower costs than they do. Additionally, we want to offer the product at the best possible price.

You can create any weight you wish from 12kg to 32kg except for 13 and 31kg; but if you also need these two weights, you can always buy a cheap 1kg dumbbell disc and use it along with the other weights (their diameter is standard).
However, if you're planning to work out with a "non-standard" weight configuration, we suggest you consider this accessory that will make your life easier: ZeroVibe.

Without a doubt. Both the Allen key and the ergonomic key provided allow you to quickly open the kettlebell to replace the internal weights. You can easily adjust the weight of the kettlebell even within the same workout session, during the rest time between exercises.

As for the warranty, it is the commonly accepted one for weightlifting equipment, which ends when the product is used.
What we guarantee at Kettleblaze is that the FlexiBell 2 leaves the factory without any defects in manufacturing and is completely intact, arriving in perfect condition at our customers' homes. That said, we add that we are talking about a product used for years by highly esteemed athletes and designed and manufactured to last virtually forever.
Clearly, if in training you throw it at full load against a wall, sooner or later, the FlexiBell 2 might get damaged (and at the same time, you will have demolished the wall).
But, excluding these unrealistic scenarios, this kettlebell guarantees unparalleled resistance. You just have to hold one to see for yourself.

Of course. With FlexiBell 2 you can do all the exercises that can be done with regular kettlebells, effectively training strength, agility, and endurance.

Obviously yes. Highly rated athletes like Alessio Gai have recently chosen our FlexiBell for their athletic preparation and have found it very good. The FlexiBell is extremely balanced in all weight combinations and will never give you the feeling of having all the weight concentrated at the bottom of the tool. But if you compete and want to be on the safe side, we recommend that you also add a pair of competition kettlebells of the weight you will use in competition, in order to gain even more familiarity with your competition weight.

No, it is not. Like the handle of our hollow ProBalance kettlebells, the FlexiBell handle is polished with shot blasting to be more rust-resistant and smoother. In general, however, magnesium carbonate adheres without difficulty.

It is the shared opinion of our customers that the vibrations of the internal weights are quite contained. But there are some weight configurations in which they can occur without causing safety or stability problems. However, if you are a lover of comfort and precision, we recommend purchasing our ZeroVibe along with the FlexiBell, which will allow you to reduce all vibrations in every weight configuration.

Yes, shipping throughout Italy and Europe is included in the price you are seeing.

In general, we ship the FlexiBell as it is provided to us by the manufacturer. Only for some European countries outside of Italy can we ship the FlexiBell in 2 packages: the first containing the kettlebell loaded with 24kg and the second package containing the remaining eight kilograms. Both packages are perfectly packed and wrapped so that they arrive to you without damage.

Unfortunately no, we are sorry: saying no to a customer is never pleasant! But we are aware that the FlexiBell is an excellent quality product that is worth the price at which we sell it. In addition, our price is extremely competitive even at an international level.

MaterialSteel, iron
Empty weight12kg
Full loaded weight32kg
Weight plates included3x2kg, 2x3kg, 2x4kg
Included keysAllen-key, ergonomic key
Available accessories (not included)Zero Vibe
Included accessoriesScrew and bolt
Handle diameter35mm
Varnished handleNo
Total height280mm
Kettlebell diameter210mm
Package size34x34x44cm
Package weight33kg

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